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What it Means to be a Woman in STEM

Hi everyone, I’m Alex, and I’m a senior here at San Diego State. I am so excited to be a blogger for this club in my final year, and to write (or type) my thoughts and advice, and to most importantly interact with you all! A little bit about me, I’m a Zoology major with a minor in comparative literature, and I love animals (surprise surprise). In my free time I love to surf, read, and listen to music! I’ve been in WSS for only two years- I spent the last year studying abroad in Scotland- but the times I have spent in this club have been unforgettable. Don’t worry, for those of you interested in studying abroad, a lot of posts will be coming about the whole experience soon.

Now that I've introduced myself, let's talk about what it means to be a “woman in STEM”. Of course that title itself is powerful. Who doesn’t love the immediate empowerment you feel when someone asks what major you are and you have the satisfaction of saying you are in the STEM field of study. Others who have gone down this educational path can relate, because it's not an easy path by any means, and we often find comfort in the camaraderie of struggling through this degree together. When we say that we are women in STEM, we’re proud because we know how hard we have worked to get here. And, while demographics have changed dramatically throughout the years, and women are no longer lagging as far behind as men, science was always (and still is in some majors) a male dominated field. It's inspiring to follow in the steps of female leaders in science who have made accomplishments that have made studying science at university accessible. I am so proud in knowing that I along with many other intelligent women are able to be successful in a highly challenging and rewarding environment, which has been a large motivator for me as I have gone through university.

Being apart of organizations like WSS are not only about connecting with others who have similar interests, but about empowering each other, pushing yourself to reach new heights, and learning to never ever, no matter the circumstances, sacrifice your dreams. I’ve wanted to study science for as long as I can remember but I’ll be completely honest, it’s not my best subject and there are times I feel as though I’ve made a mistake in choosing this scientific path. When I get into this frame of mind, I have to remind myself of my goals, my passions, and more importantly what I want to get out of life. Every time I do this, I've been brought back to this road that I’m currently on. And, while a lot of us might not know exactly what will come out of our educational journey, I hope you find comfort in knowing you are not alone in feeling the uncertainties and anxieties that accompany this unknown. Your journey will probably change hundreds of times throughout your educational life, but that’s what makes it exciting. Each and every one of you should be extremely proud at how far you’ve come so far and from one woman in STEM to another, I hope you continue to reach for your dreams. The purpose of this blog is not only for me to write about what I think and feel, it is to be in open communication and interaction with one another; I would love to hear what topics and issues you would most like to read on this blog. While I have many ideas on posts including both science and non-science issues, I welcome any suggestions and feedback you might have for future posts. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to connecting with you all!

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