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Women in Science Society x Fresh Prints

Check out our merch here!

Women in Science Society has partnered up with Fresh Prints to create a Storefront for anyone to purchase our merchandise! As of 10/24/23 this site will be live for 28 days. 
Important Things to Know:

Each item needs to meet a MINIMUM SALE of 24 products for the merchandise to be purchased from the company. 
If an item does not reach the minimum, those who purchased it will not receive that item and will be given a refund. 

Shipping cost is INCLUDED in the price advertised. All items will be shipped to one of our executive board members, then will be distributed accordingly. Please keep a copy of your receipt or a screenshot of your order. 

Prices of each item DECREASES as sales increase. 
The prices at each quantity are visible on the website, and the amount of items that have been purchased will be displayed. 

Everyone PAYS THE SAME price once the storefront has ended. If you purchased an item at it's highest price and it decreased by the end, you will only be charged the minimum amount. 

Anyone with access to the link can purchase our items.  
So be sure to share with your friends and family :)

Remember, the more purchases, the cheaper!

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Scan me!

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