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Study Tips and Tricks to Overcome Finals Season

Hello all of you lovely ladies!

My name is Allison Blum and I am a second year studying Biology and I am so excited to be a new addition to the blog squad! In the midst of finals season, there seems to be no better blog topic than study tips and success!! I am here to share my favorite study tricks, favorite stops and everything in between to help you ace your tests and ease your stress!! First, lets get into some studying strategies that will help you fight a lack of motivation and make the most of your time!

  • Interleaving During your study time, alternate between topics! Spending too much time on one topic can lead to burnout. Reviewing topics for shorter periods of time more frequently helps to strengthen understanding and can also help you link different ideas as you switch between them.

  • Retrieval Practice Before you reference your notes, write down everything you know about the material. Then, check with your material and review confusing topics or points you previously missed. This can simulate a testing experience where you won’t be able to reference your notes. Creating practice tests and flashcards are also apart of retrieval! I use both paper flashcards and quizzlet to help me study :)

  • Dual Coding This method of studying is particularly useful for visual learners. Utilize visual models given to you by your professor or create your own! This could even be a graphic organizer or flow chart. Try explaining and talking out your notes in this format. It will be easier for you to visualize your material during tests if you happen to go blank on a question.

  • Space Practice If you are an infamous procrastinator, this strategy may support you in your studies. Start planning early for exams and set aside a time each day to review material! As little as fifteen minutes each day will help you retain information easier!


As important as these strategies are to implement during your study time, it is just as crucial to find a comfortable space personalized to you in order to get that work done! I have accumulated a wide variety of study spots both on and off campus and in and outdoors to help you find your perfect studying sanctuary!

Some of my favorite spots to study on campus to study while enjoying the sunshine is the well known turtle ponds, the grass area located behind North Education (conveniently next to a BCB), and the sitting area behind storm hall overlooking the soccer field! Off campus, Kate Session Park about 20 minutes from campus has spectacular panoramic views of San Diego that will hopefully motivate you through your toughest classes.

When the weather is not that of typical sunny San Diego, there are a plentiful of study spots indoors both on and off campus!! There are a few cafes I particularly love close to campus including Living Roof Cafe, S3 Coffee Bar, Better Buzz in Hillcrest, Drift cafe and Palmy’s in Pacific Beach. If you don’t have access to a car, there are plenty of indoor study spots on campus to utilize such as the library (specifically the Math and Science Learning Center on the third floor) and the student union Starbucks.

On a final note, try studying with friends! This can help you work through consuming topics and introduce new perspectives. Look out for women in science study session they are a great resource. Finally, do not study in your bed. If my psychology GE taught me anything, your bed is your sleep place and your sleep place only. I hope you all find these strategies and tips helpful, and I wish you all the best in your classes :) If you are ever looking for a motivated study buddy do not hesitate to reach out to me 480-622-4557

With Love,


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Loved the breakdown of studying strategies and study spot ideas !!

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