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Member Spotlight

Naomi Jenkins

Member of the Month!

Tabitha Fleck

Future Health Promotion/Behavioral Health Professional

"It is the best feeling in the world knowing that I have Women in Science Society in my life. I have been a member for two semesters now but I feel so connected to the girls. We all have the same drive and determination for science that unites us. Women in Science Society is a sisterhood of science loving, always crying, but never giving up strong girls.”

Erika Peterson

"Women in Science Society has given me an incredible opportunity to surround myself with like-minded, ambitious women. Everyone is so supportive and willing to help each other. I  feel really lucky to be part of an organization that is constantly trying to help me be successful.”

Taylor Kallmann

Future Marine Biologist

Future Aerospace Engineer

"Women in Science Society has constantly reminded me that I belong in STEM and to never let short term struggles that come with my studies change my goals of changing the world.”

Kaylin Borders