What is an Advocacy Group?

A group of 2-3 Women in Science Society members that have a cause that they want our club to focus more on. Ideas for advocacy groups that based on ones we have had in the past are Pre-PhD, community service, Pre-Health, and wellness to name a few but they could be anything! The group pitches an event/program idea to their chapter leadership team once a month, that they think would help their cause. The leadership team and the advocacy groups work together to make events that benefit chapter members. Examples of events put on by advocacy groups in the past have been bringing in therapy dogs around finals, offering free CPR training as an event, setting up yoga classes for members to attend, bringing in guest speakers.

Have an idea for the club or an event but don't need an entire advocacy group to be involved? Then contact our events coordinator by clicking here!

Why Make an Advocacy Group?

- Getting involved in Women in Science Society is the best way to ensure you are getting the most out of the club

- Make events that are entirely your own!

- Share your ideas to make sure that your cause is being heard

- Build your resume by taking a lead on running, promoting, contacting industry leaders, and coming up with events


Sati Alexander and Ruth Epstein

"When I joined Women in Science Society, I loved the motivation and enthusiasm of all the members. I felt most of the discussion focused on being a pre-med when in reality a lot of members are not going to pursue a career in medicine. Sati and I decided to begin the pre-Ph.D advocacy group so members who were interested in academic, government, or industrial research could understand the necessary steps to get into graduate school. Most people do not know the many occupations a Ph.D. could have. As a first generation college student, the only path in Biology I was exposed to was medicine. I believe exposing WSS as a whole to alternative careers, more women will find their passion in science!"

Community Service

Lindsay Palm and Makenna May

"After being a part of WSS for 2 years I love all the support we give to our girls in their individual journeys, but I feel that we could do more to support our community and offer women a glimpse of something outside of college life. Community service is uplifting for both the giver and receiver. The women of WSS will benefit not only from getting hours required for many graduate school degrees but from the camaraderie and community that comes with volunteering."

Health and Wellness

Sophia DiPietro and Tabitha Fleck

"As we all know, studying in the field of science is extremely demanding and stressful. I believe so many of us put our grades and academics before our own wellbeing at times, and this advocacy is a great way to counteract that tendency! In this advocacy group, I would like to gather like-minded girls who enjoy being active and eating healthy while trying to balance these priorities with their rigorous course loads! This group is really good for everyone in WSS, no matter their major or career goals."

Pre Health

Natalie Hanna and Katie Glibas

"Most of our club consists of women who are pre med, or thinking about focusing on medicine/health with their stem degrees. Medicine and health are key values in all our lives. People in medicine work hard for many years to help people in need, create amazing discoveries, and do the extraordinary."


Kaylin Boarders

"When it comes to STEM, women are already the minority but in engineering the amount of women in this field decreases by even more. This group is to serve as an outlet for female engineering majors and really all STEM majors, to keep them inspired to move forward in their goals and do great things."

What They've Done