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Meet our 2022-2023 Leadership Board!



Hi everyone! I’m Samantha and I am currently in my 4th year at SDSU. I am currently studying Psychology on the pre-med track with the hope of applying to medical school in the future! When I’m not hitting the books, I enjoy going to the beach, painting and spending time with friends! I am so excited to be this year’s WSS President! WSS has been an integral part of my college experience, so I can’t wait to not only lead my favorite organization on campus, but share how impactful it has been! I’m looking forward to a fabulous year! :) 

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Hey friends! My name is Sofia Rivas and I am a 4th year Pre-Med Psychology student! I am so excited and honored to take on the role as VP this year! I am most looking forward to getting to know more amazing women in STEM and being a mentor to those in need of guidance in such a competitive field. As a 1st generation college student, navigating my college experience was difficult at times. However, joining WSS my freshman year was the best decision I could’ve made! Being a part of this organization allowed me to expand my professional network, gain leadership experience, and make the most amazing friends! I can’t wait to serve you all and continue meeting more wonderful people! 

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My name is Jennifer Rodriguez and I am from Imperial Valley, specifically from Mexicali/Calexico. I am a third year Environmental Engineering Student and I am this year's WSS Secretary. I am excited to bring new opportunities for Women in Stem and guide them through the right direction. I also hope to make women find a home at SDSU.

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Hi! My name is Shilpa Mudumbe and I am a fourth-year majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. I joined WSS my first semester of college and since then, I have made so many amazing friends and received wonderful opportunities. I love WSS because I believe it is important to have a strong support system as you navigate college and adulthood. I've learned that even though it seems like everyone has it together, people are still figuring things out just like you and it's okay to be unsure about certain decisions. Aside from being the Treasurer for WSS, I am also a Peer Mentor at the College of Sciences Student Success Center, so please feel free to reach out if I can help you with anything!


When I’m not studying, I love traveling the world with my family, exploring San Diego, and unnecessarily buying things at Target. My favorite genres to watch are comedy and medical dramas. I'm super excited for this school year and I can't wait to see everyone at our events!

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Hey everyone! My name is Chris and I am your Events Coordinator this year. I am a Public Health major double minoring in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. On campus, I am a part of the Peer Health Education program and a Starbucks barista on the side (let me know your fav drink – I’ll make it with love). As a 2nd year, I still have time to consider my career. Currently, I am very interested in clinical psychology. I fell in love with behavioral health during my time attending and competing in conferences as President of a health organization called HOSA in high school. Anything that has to do with mental health and helping others is something I would love to pursue. Aside from academics, I love to listen to music, make fashion boards on Pinterest, and edit videos/photos! Looking forward to a great year ahead with you all, don’t be afraid to say hi. I love meeting new people and hope to cultivate a supportive environment for STEM girls with fun events within WSS!

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Hi everyone! My name is Mena Shammas, and I am WSS’s Programs Coordinator this year! I am a second year microbiology major and my hope is to attend pharmacy school and become a clinical pharmacist. In my free time, I like to hang out with my family and friends, watch TV, and try new restaurants. WSS has been such a great part of my college experience! I’ve made friends, learned about opportunities, and expanded my professional network. There are so many different ways that this organization supports its members, and I can’t wait to serve as the Programs Coordinator! I hope that you all gain the beautiful experience that I have had in WSS, and I can’t wait to see you all at our GBMs and Faculty Networking Event!

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Hi, my name is Sarah Robuck and I am so excited to be the director of public relations this year for WSS! I am currently a senior studying cellular and molecular biology and plan on eventually going to PA school. I am very grateful to be a part of exec this year because as a transfer student WSS has helped me to meet new people and make new friends and connections. I grew up in Santa Barbara and enjoy going to the beach, shopping, and hanging out with friends. Even though I have not been in WSS for as long as some of the other members I have made so many connections and had different opportunities presented to me that I received through WSS. I cannot wait  to serve this community of women in science and help others to receive the same opportunities that I have had. Im always here if anyone has any questions or just wants to make a new friend in WSS!

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My name is Kadyn and I am a fourth year interdisciplinary studies major with an emphasis in Kinesiology, Psychology, and Public Health. I am on the Pre-Physician Assistant track and hope to apply to graduate programs this upcoming fall. Outside of school I work as a Medical Assistant and I also volunteer at the Scripps Mercy Cancer Center in Hillcrest. 

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Hi! My name is Alyssa Aguirre and I’m so excited to be Content Coordinator this year! I am a 2nd year Pre-Dental Biology student. I love WSS because it has given me a great support system and allowed me make amazing friendships with other women in STEM! When i’m not doing school work, I enjoy working out, traveling and going to the beach. I’m so excited to be involved and to see what this year has to offer! I can’t wait to continue doing great things with WSS!

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Rebecca Lewison is a professor of Biology and serves as the Chair for Research and Scholarly Excellence for the Division of Diversity and Innovation at San Diego State University. Her research is at the vanguard of innovating applied conservation science as it relates to resource and land use, developing actionable science in partnership with practitioners and policy makers. Dr. Lewison’s research focuses on the impact of resource and land use on vulnerable wildlife populations that face pressing conservation challenges, in both terrestrial and marine environments. Her projects also explore coupled human-natural populations and systems around the world. What unites the research is a common focus - understanding the complex relationships between human and ecological processes using innovative field, quantitative and lab-based approaches to advance applied conservation science. Dr. Lewison’s diverse research portfolio receives funding from NASA, the National Science Foundation, as well as Federal, State and local resource and land management agencies. In addition to her ecological research, Dr. Lewison has been leading efforts to support diversity, inclusion and excellence in the academy. She serves as a co-PI on a UC-CSU collaborative NSF ADVANCE award “Center for Research, Excellence, and Diversity in Team Science (CREDITS)” and leads several initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, innovation and excellence at SDSU.

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