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Warning: cheesy post!

This past term has definitely not been easy breezy (beautiful Covergirl). It is not always smooth sailing, but I mean, that is to be expected with any large organization. The WSS leadership team has encountered a good deal of obstacles which have tested every single member of leadership’s patience, strength, and resilience. Being the largest campus org, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and always strive to do what is best for our members. When issues occur, it can be really straining to us since we care so much about this organization. But even with everything that has been thrown our way, I am so proud of the accomplishments and incredible people from this term.

Our members are one thing that always keeps us going. All of the feedback we hear, we take to heart. I’d like to personally thank every single one of you for your support this year. The stories that I hear about members feeling out of place in their majors or unheard, but then finding a group of women they identify with and can relate to warms my heart. It is exactly why I decided to join this organization in the first place. Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation at general body meetings, professional events, and socials. We love to see your beautiful faces!

Every single person who I had never known personally before my first leadership meeting has now become another family to me. I am the youngest of leadership, and I definitely look up to my girls. Despite the loads of school, work, and outside activities, their devotion to this organization is extremely evident from how much work they put into this org (a LOT, trust me). The team has also motivated me tremendously and pushed me to be better; they bring out my best not only in my performance, but my personality. I can’t think of a time where I didn’t laugh at least once in a leadership bonding event or even a meeting. They are people who do not make me feel weird – I am not afraid to be myself in a room with them, and I don’t say that lightly.


You are the BEST. PERSON. EVER. I am so grateful that you are always all ears when we need it. I feel like I can come to you for literally anything and you would be down to listen. You are hilarious, charming, and considerate, but the best way to describe you is probably a ray of sunshine. You have been such a positive influence in my life and always let us know when you adore or appreciate something that we do. I do not think there is anybody who cares as much about this org and its members as you. We admire and love you so much Julia! Thank you for the turkey hat.

Nat B,

When you first joined the Public Relations Committee, we did not talk much in the beginning and mostly did our own thing, but once I got to know you more, I realized how incredible you were and how thankful I was that you were by my side. You are seriously the nicest person ever and I appreciate your kind texts more than you will ever know. You are also the most humble person and I don’t think you realize how amazing you are. You are diligent, caring, and your passion for this organization definitely shows in your work ethic. Oh, and thanks for always laughing at my dumb jokes :-)


My 408 buddy!!! ugh please don’t leave me :’( I will miss you so so so much. You are the funniest, nicest person ever and have great hair (very smooth, please give us your secrets). At every event and meeting, you always have the best positive spirit. You are always there to check on me and I appreciate everything you do. Best DPR and person ever.


You are the most honest and open person I have ever met, which is what I love about you. I feel like I can always go to you for advice and you’re like a big sis. You are also the sweetest and always sprints to me to give the biggest hugs. You have a lot on your plate, but handle it all so well and are such an admirable person. Thanks for introducing me to my new favorite podcast too.


Hi BEAUTY AND BRAINS. You seriously have the most contagious smile and your storytelling is so funny because of all the hand gestures and facial expressions you employ. Thanks for being my mother + older sister too! You are always straight up and have the best advice so thank you for always being open arms to me!

Nat M,

My favorite person to make fun of :) I really love that you are also a very talkative person (but we get it… you have an annual pass to Disney and have Disney+). We also have shared many laughs (TBT to Rubio’s and bumping into your husband). You work so hard in your position and are always quick to lend a helping hand to the other leadership members. You are also always on top of things and want to make sure events go smoothly. Oh, and remember me when you go on The Voice or America’s Got Talent please.


My QUEEN. You are so motivated, smart, and kind. The fact that you are involved in so many organizations and have a job and do well in classes is so amazing. You are awesome at every single position and at everything you do. I know that you will definitely be super successful in the future and can’t wait to see it :-).

Despite all the highs and lows the fellow leaders and I have gone through, I would not have wanted to experience it with any other group of people. I have learned so much because of these wonderful girls and will really miss working alongside them. Even though the new leadership team will look quite different, I cannot wait to see what they accomplish! Farewell, chicas.



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