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Catch up With Causha

Join this journey with me as I get to know you & you get to know me (on a deeper level). Always remember how much you matter, you are loved, strong, fearless, confident, and BEAUTIFUL!

Who I am...

just the basics so far, you'll learn more later on

HIIII!!!! I would like to tell you a little bit of who I am. My name is Causha Jones, I am from Castle Rock, Colorado.This is my first blog post as a new member of the WSS Blog Team, and I'm so excited to learn more about everyone and I'm excited to share some takeawaysthat I have learned over the past few years:). I am a second year studying Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness Specialist. I currently work at Orange Theory Fitness (so if you want a really fun workout, just lemme know!)

Some hobbies include basketball, cleaning, chillin with friends, studying, buying plants, and going to coffee shops to journal (lemme know if you have cute places, or if you want to know where I go:) )

Who I Really am...

There is so much background to give that I can't, so after COVID I became a more introverted and stay at homebody. I am still very outgoing, I just prefer to spend more time with close friends and not going out. I have struggled with a very strange and rare allergy, called cold urticaria. I am basically allergic to the cold lol, and I'm from Colorado, funny right? Anyway, that has taken a toll on me, includingmy mental health. On top ofthat, COVID and life has been taken a toll on me for the last few years. I will always put people before me, and make sure everyone I love is happy and safe.

This kind of leads me into what my writing will be like.

I want my writing to be like an open diary to everybody. Obviously, not too intense, but I do want to talk a lot about mental health and self care. I feel like this is one of the ways that I can express how I feel, and I want to be able to help as many other people as I can, to help them know they aren't ALONE. Some of the lessons and advice that I have taken needs to be shared and I hope at least one post I write will "comfort" somebody.I also want to share more about my allergy and answers questions you may have, I want to show the cutest coffee shops to study at, journal, taking time to have YOU time, and I would love to share what Colorado is like compared to California (and the culture shocks).

I hope you guys like reading all of this and are as excited as I am for the future posts:) This is all something new to me, so I hope that I'm not failing too hard, like I am in anatomy :/

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