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5 Must Have Apps for College Students

These 5 apps are helpful for all kinds of students! They have helped me become less of a procrastinator, become more organized, earn some cash, and be on top of my work!


This app is a huge lifesaver for me! You can organize your homework, assignments, and exam dates by class, priority and type. You can mark it as completed when you are finished with an assignment and get a sense of accomplishment too! You can also add reminders in the app, so you do not forget about your upcoming exam!

Pocket Points

Want to earn easy money by being motivated to stay focused in class? This is an app that rewards students to not use their phones during class. You can get gift cards to Pita Pit, Jamba Juice, Muse Clothing, and many other businesses.

Tip: use it on Tuesdays because every Tuesday, students are awarded points twice as fast as other days.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle aims to correct its users’ sleeping pattern by waking them up during their lightest sleeping phase. This allows you to wake up feeling less of a zombie in the morning and more prepared to grind!


This app plans healthy meals, grocery stores, and recipes based on what is in your fridge. It is fully customizable and cuts down time spent planning your meals and groceries that you can spend on other tasks!


This is a popular app designed for note taking, task lists, and archiving. It is an app for your phone, tablet, computer, iPad, etc. Its aesthetic, yet simple layout and ability to sync automatically across all devices makes it a foolproof way to organize your notes.

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