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Introducing: Jade (like the Bratz doll)

Monday, March 21, 2022


Good morning/afternoon/evening! My name is Jade Jachim and I am from the Bay Area in a little town called Martinez, about 40 minutes from San Fransisco depending on the traffic. I am thrilled to be one of the new members of the Blog Team and cannot wait to share my thoughts and ideas with all of you!

successful + stressed

I am an Interdisciplinary Studies (Biology, Chemistry, + Psychology) major with a minor in Public Health. It has been my dream since I could write my own name in cursive to be a doctor. I am currently on the pre-med track with hopes of becoming either a Dermatologist or an ER doctor. I enjoy working with people from many walks of life and making others feel comfortable and happy in their own skin. Since my senior year of high school, I have worked as a Pharmacy Technician at various CVS locations where I usually conduct COVID-19 tests or fill prescriptions. One of my favorite parts about that job is filling prescriptions since it is fun to see all of the different shapes of pills (there's a pink heart one for blood circulation!) and it feels like I am packing little snacks for my community.

yes, that is cotton candy + boba.

Speaking of snacks, I LOVE food. My favorite foods include but are not limited to: mochi donuts (matcha !!), Chester’s Hot Fries, kimchi fried rice, and traditional Filipino dishes such as a tamarind soup called Sinigang. I am a HUGE spicy food fan, I could add red pepper flakes to anything! Not only do I love trying new foods, but I also love making them! One of my little brother and I’s favorite activities is cooking something *extra* like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos mozzarella sticks and sushi burritos– sprinkled with Hot Cheeto dust for the aesthetics ;) .


Women's March 10/02/21

To burn off those calories, I love to go on long walks and hikes as well as talking and laughing with friends! According to the American College of Healthcare Sciences, laughing can make you burn up to 40 calories in just 15 minutes! So we don't need to get on the StairMaster every day! My other hobbies include watching horror movies (the Saw movies + Hereditary), talking about the "meaning of life", astrology (Capricorn), conspiracy theories (Amazon and Disney takeover the world), music (singing, especially R&B - hmu for music recs + share some!), and playing video games (Minecraft, Pokemon, + more!). I really appreciate art and going to museums as well as coloring and occasionally painting!

I love topics surrounding personal and academic growth from healthy habits and mindfulness to study hacks. My writing style will be a mixture of late-night text blurbs, fun facts, tips/tricks, as well as the science behind your favorite topics! Till next time <3

insta: @jadeejachim / sc: @jelisabethj

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