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Getting Through Midterms and Finals

Exam week, whenever it is, affects everyone differently. Some might love the grind of studying and have their whole schedule ready and fixed with everything they’re going to study, and then others are slowly spiraling with overwhelm and confusion, scrambling to cram in a few last-minute details. It’s different for everyone, it’s unique to everyone. After some personal research and talking to STEM girlies on both sides of the scale, I compiled a list of fun, tried, and tested ways to study effectively and not overwhelm yourself too much.

I Never See You Anymore, Come Out the Door~

Change up your surroundings! As cliche and repetitive as it sounds, changing where you study significantly makes you more effective in stressing less. That comes from personal experience. I NEVER liked studying anywhere else but my dorm and the library, but I forced myself to try something new—Starbucks. It took me time to get comfortable in the buzz of the coffee shop but I realized I liked it a lot. The smell of coffee, the constant low chattering, and cool temperatures soon became something I wanted to be around and any cafe-study girl knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Here are some locations on campus to study:

  • Student Lounge (The Aztec Student Union building, near The Habit)

  • Turtle Pond (be one with nature)

  • The Mediterranean Garden (Near North Life Sciences and Physical Sciences)

  • The balcony behind Storm Hall

  • Love Library (the silence is loud on the 5th floor)

  • Starbucks (caffeine is a way of life)

Misery Loves Company

Study with a friend! Some like studying alone and some work better studying with another person or in groups. To each their own. If you have questions it’s fine to reach out to someone from your class in WSS or even outside our organization. And if it's not a human friend and furry friend counts too! Studying with pets can be very therapeutic for some people and boosts your happy hormone—dopamine—and can help alleviate your mood, i.e., could help you study better.

To Eat or Not To E-

NO, A GRANOLA BAR DOES NOT COUNT. As much time as studying takes up, it's important to take time to fuel the body. The brain requires carbs to function properly, so you can’t expect to learn everything you need to without nourishing it. Take time to have something to eat because you can only write your exams if you have capable body function.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Don’t feel guilty about spending time outside of studying when you (desperately) need a break. In fact, it’s refreshing. This can be a really difficult thing to do and come to accept, but trying is still doing something towards it. It’s really important to give yourself a break every now and then to not mentally exhaust yourself. So, I implore you, go watch that YT video, call your bestie back home, be outside in the sun for a couple minutes, or take a quick nap. It’s very easy to over-exhaust yourself when studying, so don’t stop yourself from taking a moment to yourself !

I hope you take this piece and find something helpful and relatable in it. Good luck for all you endeavors and I KNOW you're going to ace that next exam you have coming.

Lots of Love,


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