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Favorite Places to Study on Campus

I get bored of my surroundings very quickly and as you can imagine, this doesn’t help when I’m trying to be productive. In order to combat this, I’ve spent a good amount of time trying to find places on campus to do my work. My roommate has a dog that I like to take on walks to scope out new spots. On these adventures, we’ve come across some places that I’ve come back to time and time again to actually enjoy my study sessions. The environment that you are in has an effect on the quality of your work. Finding those niche spots that just do it for you is important, and quite fun if I do say so myself.

Here are a few ideas for y’all to get started on your own unique study experience!

Although the library offers certain amenities that you may not find in other places, I do get antsy after a while sitting in such a quiet environment. I’ve found some happy medium places inside the library because on those rainy or chilly days all I want to do is be inside. I’ve personally enjoyed the 24-hour study room because there tends to be more movement and talking to function as the background noise to my studying. For a little less action the third floor of the Love library is my cup of tea. There are booth tables to spread work out on, super cool individual study chairs, and as well as group study rooms that you can reserve.

If you want to stay inside but the library is not your cup of tea, I recommend walking around Hepner Hall to find a spot. On the second floor in the communications wing, there are tables that I’ve spent a good amount of time at. There’s great natural light and a good flow of people walking by so you don’t feel too secluded.

Now for the outside spots!

I love to spend time at the art building. It’s a gorgeous space to study in. Whenever I need a break from working, I look at the murals on the walls and the views from behind the building. The traffic noise in the background works to help me focus and there’s a great mish-mash of different tables and chairs for your personal desire (although sometimes a few of them disappear for art projects).

Outside of Storm Hall is another classic study spot. The views=immaculate, especially during the afternoon and sunset. There are cushioned seats and tables on the upper level. It’s always breezy up there but I think that that is one of the things that I like about studying here. It keeps me focused and the possibility of me dozing off is slim. This is key for those grind days where you didn’t quite get enough sleep the night before. It is a popular spot so if you don’t find a spot on the upper level, try walking down the steps to the right of Storm Hall West and you will find a line of tables on the backside of the building. I’ve always found a spot to study down in this section so hopefully, this will stay true.

Another great option is the Engineering building courtyard. There is a bcb cafe right inside the courtyard for some pick-me-up food and drink. The tables are on the smaller side so I recommend going here for your solo study sessions. There are seats that are covered by the building but still outside so this is a great spot if you don’t want any rain on you but still want to enjoy the fresh air. I also am looking forward to spending more time in this courtyard because it is a very central place between multiple science buildings (making it easier on all of us).

Lastly, one of my go-to spots since freshman year is the second floor of the courtyard between the East and West Student Services buildings. This is a pretty private place to study, I've only had the company of maybe one or two people up there. The sun can be intense so some of the tables have little shade coverings (which only kinda work) so I suggest avoiding this spot during midday unless you are looking to warm up.

Everyone studies differently and the place in which you do this is personal. These spots have been amazing for me during my time on campus and I hope that they give you guys some ideas as we enter this next semester.


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