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Meet the Women in Science Society

It’s midnight, you’re crying in the library, and once again you’re asking yourself why you picked to be a STEM major for the third time this week. Your hexagon drawings seem to get progressively worse and it’s your second semester of organic chemistry. Oh, you’re being asked about the lab report for molecular biology? Oops, forgot about that. College is hard enough as it is, and we’ve somehow selected one of the most challenging fields of study. Now the question is: do you have someone to share that burden with? So many girls change their majors because they feel as though they aren’t capable of achieving their goals, or their family discourages them from going into the sciences. Fear not- here at WSS you will never have to face a day like that on your own.

We firmly believe that a community of women supporting each other within the various STEM fields is one of the most important things to get us through the grueling days that make up our undergraduate careers. The SDSU Women in Science Society is committed to creating an environment of motivation and mutual support among collegiate women pursuing their degree in STEM fields by providing networking, service, and leadership opportunities. As an organization, we provide events throughout the semester that encourage our members to pursue their interests and passions in the field of science. Whether you’re unsure about which career path you’re going to take, or have known what your passion was since you were in grade school, WSS has a place for everybody and seeks to support you in any way we can. This semester is the launch of our brand new blog where we will be uploading all kinds of content, so stay tuned for some more awesome posts!

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