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How to Deal with Sickness in College

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

I feel like everybody is currently sick or on the verge of being sick including moi, so here are some tips to deal with sickness in college! For those who are currently sick, I really hope you feel better and wish you the best :’) I hope Mr. Sniffles leaves you alone.

Drink lots and lots of Dihydrogen Monoxide

sorry the chem SI in me is coming out

Not alcohol, soda, juice — water, Gatorade, or some nice, piping hot tea.

Hot tea with lemon and honey does miracles for a sore throat! Honey is also a cough suppressant. (hint: there is a drink at Starbucks you can specifically ask for if you are sick called “medicine ball tea” and it does wonders for your throat). Fluids help loosen mucus and replace fever-lost fluids.


Stock up

Don’t be like me who almost ripped my hair out whilst reaching in my backpack only to find that I forgot my cough drops. Pack the necessities: cough drops, Emergen-C, cough syrup, ibuprofen, tissues, snacks, and water.

Visit the health center on campus.

You can get easy access to cold medicine or antibiotics if it is needed. Don’t be in denial and make an appointment ASAP so you can get better faster. (hint: Calpulli almost always has lower prices on everything including medicine to vaseline compared to anywhere else, so check it out before heading to CVS!)

I’m actually typing out this blog post at the health center right now. Cue pics for proof:

after botox

before botox

I should have asked my doctor if he wanted to be in my selfies... regrets.

Take Care of Yourself

You may have midterms, a big event for your organization, a concert you and your roomie have had tickets for months (sad face), etc. But you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. Sleep a lot and eat healthy! If you barely have the energy to get out of bed to cook, still try eating things like bananas, orange juice, toast with jam, or chicken noodle soup instead of a Diet Coke, fries, and a pizza.


Self-explanatory but STAY. IN. BED. If you don’t give yourself time to heal, you will grow even sicker and fall even further behind in your work.


Email your professors and do not go to class if you are way too ill to function. I know it sucks having to go to labs while you’re sick so not going to other classes that are recorded or fine to miss will be better in the long run since you can have enough energy for your labs and required classes!

If you lost your voice…

Use a mini whiteboard to write out what you want to say like I did for the past 5 days after losing my voice. I am obsessed with this cute marble one from Target here; it’s only $3.59 and so handy! I used it when ordering food and talking to my lab partner when hand gestures just lead to confusion.

I don't know who Carlos is, but I did not have dinner with him.

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