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YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Too lazy to read a textbook? Same. Visual learner? Same. Low key want to multitask even though that almost never ends well? OK! Know you will fall asleep rewatching lectures? I got a solution for you!!!

V I D E O S. So many Youtube videos have allowed me to have “aha!” moments that I did not have in class. Shoutout to Khan, John, The Amoeba Sisters, Paul, etc. for helping me out when my mind is like “?????” and I feel like ripping off my hair.

Crash Course: Bite-sized humor

World history, biology, psychology, chemistry, ecology, you name it! John and Hank Green and their team have been teaching courses in quick 10-15 minute episodes with tons of visuals and fun facts. There is even a crash course on Artificial Intelligence where you can learn how to write and implement code to program your very own AI system!

This channel helped me SO MUCH when I took AP Calculus in high school. There are a myriad of videos ranging from physics to organic chemistry. His videos are very detailed, so I often watch in 1.5 or 1.75x speed and skip around to the topics that I need clarification on. Also, he has a very soothing voice.

I’m sure everyone has heard of KhanAcademy. There are videos, practice questions, and activities in math, science, art, history, and more! There are also tons of study tips and giveaways!

Bozeman Science: Paul is my favorite man

Paul Anderson is an incredible teacher whose videos I used to watch for AP Biology and still do for my chemistry and biology courses. He has tons of lecture-like videos, but don’t fret. His voice is not monotone and will not put you to sleep.

Amoebe Sisters: SO ADORABLE

Even though these videos are not as in depth as most college science courses demand, they are super cute and fun to watch for understanding the “big picture” and general concepts.

In a Nutshell: Stunning animations

This is probably the most aesthetically pleasing learning channel ever. If you ever wondered about unconventional topics not taught in your traditional classroom, such as “Why the War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure,” “How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body,” “How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views,” or “Is Meat Bad for You?,” this is where to go.

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