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Studying Life Hacks

Studying can suck sometimes, especially when you feel like you aren't getting anything done. After 3 years of being a college student, here are some lifehacks I have found that work for me.

1. Listen to lectures at twice the speed. In my personal experience, too many teachers talk slow and drag things out. With this in mind, there is NOT enough hours in the day for that. If you need things to go faster, click the 2x.

2. Youtube the topic. Videos can sometimes make you understand a concept in ways the book or lecture cannot. The visualization of a topic can help bring an entire concept together. But fair warning, if the video has 1 view, maybe find a different video.

3. Chit chat those concepts. Talking over hard concepts with a friend helps to memorize topics A LOT faster than re-reading the same powerpoint over and over again with little to no retention. Now, you can’t just study with any friend. Please don’t study with someone who would rather babble on about how their corgi got a bath yesterday. Make sure that you study with a group you know you can get actual work done with. Also, don’t be that girl talking on the 5th floor quiet section that everyone wants to throw out of the window.

4. NO phone. I know this tip sounds like you’ve just lost a piece of you, but the obsession we have with our phones is excessive. One second you’ll be looking at DNA synthesis, and next thing you know you’re on the 30th instagram story of what your friend ate for lunch. Even if it takes every ounce of willpower you have left, you need to put it away. Turn off notifications for instagram, twitter, messaging, snapchat and any other distracting app. If you aren’t able to resist the urge of scrolling through your phone, then you can download apps that will restrict your access to certain apps for a predetermined amount of time. If you have an iPhone, the control of your app usage comes with iOS 12. Just look under the “screen time” settings and adjust your own time limits. I use this very often and it actually works. If you are a die-hard android user, one free app to download is called Offtime!

5. Study with music unfamiliar music. And no, I am not saying listen to hard metal. Something relatively soft that you do not know the lyrics too. No blasting Ariana Grande’s “thank you next” and belting your heart out. Studying with light music can be said to improve focus. But if you aren’t a music person, stick to silence.

6. Move around. Do jumping jacks. Kidding, kind of. You don’t actually have to do jumping jacks, but go on a walk or get up and stretch when you are feeling tired or stuck! Sometimes taking a break and exercising can increase your energy and your brain power.

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OMG this blog post SAVED me for finals week!! Thank youu!!!!!

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