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About Us


       Here at the Women in Science Society- San Diego State University, we are committed to establishing an environment of motivation and mutual support among collegiate women pursuing their undergraduate degree in the sciences by providing networking, service and leadership opportunities for our members.

What We Do


There are three types of events: 



General Meetings

Workshops, Q & A Panels,

Faculty and Industry Networking Events,

Study Sessions, volunteer opportunities, etc

Movie nights, ice cream/pizza socials, dances, etc

Every other Thursday at 6pm

What Else We Do

Shadowing Professionals

Peer Mentor Program

Monthly Opportunities

Special Opportunities


Setting up shadowing/mentoring programs with professions in various scientific fields

A mentor/mentee program set up between WSS members with similar major and/or career goals

Hand-picked workshops, volunteer, and scholarship opportunities sent out via email to members at the 1st of every month

Campus tours, workshops with other clubs, special events

How To Join

Step 1) Fill out the "All About Me Form"  (Click to fill out now!) 

              This gives us your  - contact information

                                              - lets us know more about you and what the club can do for you 

                                              - tells us what times work best for you for events and meetings

                                              - lets us know what you want from the club!

*Seniors - fill out this form


Step 2) Pay $40 dues in cash or Venmo to @Ashleyy_clarkk17 by February 21st


*We accept members throughout the entire semester however if you pay after the date listed above there is a $5 late fee. This is because we use the money to go directly into paying for merchandise, food, event activities, and everything else that the club does so without it we can't budget for how much we can do that semester.

**If you have financial strains there are payment plans available and you may email for more details

How To Be An Active

Get a total of 8 points!

Point System:

(+3) for attending a academic/professional event

(+2) for attending a general body meeting

(+1) for attending a social event

*Other random point opportunities are given throughout the semester. Example: sending a picture that you received a flu shot or if we ask you to repost something promoting an event

What does being an active mean anyway?

Used as tie breakers when there is limited space for special opportunities and positions.

Membership Perks

Access to our personal study room located in the middle of campus


               - whiteboards

               - couches

               - tables

Access to our Google Drive


              - teacher advice (like ratemyprofessor)

              - study guides

              - other study materials specifically for STEM classes at State

              - monthly opportunities (volunteer opportunities, workshops, and scholarships specifically picked for members)



              - tshirts

              - stickers

              - pins

              - cords for seniors

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